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Perrier-Jouët’s latest commissioned design work, Ephemerā’ by mischer’traxler,  premiered this week at Design Miami 2014.  Exploring traditional craftsmanship, modern technology, the ephemerality of nature, and the Art Nouveau movement, mischer’traxler has captured the very essence of Perrier-Jouët with its own unique interpretation.

As Perrier-Jouët’s latest press release reveals:

‘Ephemerā’ is the opening work of a new, year-long artistic residency with the Vienna-based duo and the historic champagne house, entitled ‘Small Discoveries’. The collaboration has been designed to stimulate curiosity, exploring the magical dialogue between Mankind and Nature. Small Discoveries, an innovative series of original works to be revealed throughout 2015 with exclusive limited editions.

‘Ephemerā’ stands out at Design Miami/2014 owing to its unique combination of playfulness and sincerity. It sparks curiosity and enchants the audience with a delicate game of hide-and-seek, played out through a mechanical ornamental garden. Comprising a room with a large oak table and two mirrors, the elegant furniture pieces come alive with colourful metal plants and insects that represent current, extinct and rediscovered species. Representing nature’s lively, deferential relationship with mankind, plants rise up and move to their own choreography, if they ‘feel’ they are not being watched. When someone approaches, they ‘hide’ and fold back into the table, reinventing a kinetic form of traditional marquetry. Similarly, digital leaves grow across the mirrors extending into 3D forms, but only as long as people are not too close. Otherwise they retract, leaving just a normal, reflective mirror.

This is the third year that Perrier-Jouët has revealed an original commission first at Design Miami/. A continuation of the brand’s support of young designers, these partnerships demonstrate the brand’s belief in infusing art in the everyday experience. Each new commission joins the Perrier-Jouët collection at The Maison Belle Epoque, which hosts the world’s largest private collection of original French Art Nouveau pieces. In its role as a patron of design art, Perrier-Jouët is carefully adding new pieces to sit alongside its beautiful heritage pieces and ‘Ephemerā’ ultimately will join this collection.

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Design Miami Update: Perrier-Jouët presents Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler  

Photo Credit: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

Design Miami

Design Miami Update: Perrier-Jouët presents Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler

Perrier-Jouët presents Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler

Perrier-Jouët has announced their new design partnership with Vienna based duo mischer’traxler. The project, titled Perrier-Jouët presents Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler is an extended collaboration between the designers and the champagne house that will run throughout the next year. Mischer’traxler’s master work of Small Discoveries is called ‘Ephemerā’, and will be revealed at Design Miami/ 2 – 6 December 2014, marking the starting point of a year long artistic residency.

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler founded their studio in 2009. They have quickly made their mark in the contemporary design art space, with a wealth of delightful, thought-provoking pieces that have gained international recognition. This includes pieces in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Vienna’s prestigious MAK.

The aim of the Small Discoveries collection is to tell the story of the magical dialogue between nature and mankind, and to stimulate curiosity of the individual through several designed pieces. With Small Discoveries, Katharina and Thomas explore the moments between the unknown and known, being and not being, with a delightful collection of iterations that will be launched throughout the year. In this way mischer’traxler will add to the conversation between Art Nouveau and Perrier-Jouët with a rich layer of contemporary design, told through their own unique voice. The artistic residency will run throughout 2015.

The master work, Ephemerā, plays with the audience, inviting participation, discussion and questioning. Objects will be set in a plain room, suggesting a deceptively simple installation of design-objects. This ostensibly legible set-up will act as a foil for a delicate game of hide-and-seek, played out through a mechanical and magical ornamental garden. The audience will find themselves drawn into an enjoyable, charming conversation with the work, and also with each other.

This is the third year that Perrier-Jouët has commissioned original work to be part of Design Miami/. It is a continuation of their support of exciting young designers, and demonstrates the brand’s core belief to infuse art in the everyday experience.

From their live/work studio in Vienna, mischer’traxler creates works that are intelligently crafted, using a balance of traditional techniques and making use of newer technologies. This approach results in pieces that are both rooted in familiarity, and yet also high concept. Katharina and Thomas work closely through constant and open dialogue, each bringing their own skills to create truly collaborative pieces.

Threads of exploring the natural world and our relationship with it run throughout their work in a subtle, yet constant, way. Their particular approach to this dialogue between nature and mankind is one of the reasons that Perrier-Jouët has chosen Mischer’traxler for their latest design partnership.

Perrier-Jouët is the official champagne partner of Design Miami/, and will serve its exceptional prestige Belle Époque cuvee champagne at the Design Miami/Collectors lounge. Throughout Miami, Perrier-Jouët will support major cultural partnerships and events.

Photo Credit: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

London Design Festival

Perrier-Jouët x LDF x Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

The Perrier-Jouët x LDF x Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert collaboration has resulted in the amazing HUMAN NATURE installation at the V&A.

As the press release states:

..Wintrebert, whose work is shown in museums and galleries around the world,
was inspired to make these sculptures when he met Reiner Meindl of Lamberts
Glas in Waldsassen, which is the oldest mouth-blown window-glass factory in the
world. He says: “I saw the glass cylinders and I was fascinated by how beautiful
and simple they were. The cylinders are split open and flattened to take their
intended shape as window glass. You could feel the strength and energy it took the
glassblowers to make them.”

See more about the creation of HUMAN NATURE in this cool video:

A definite must see during the London Design Festival !


#DesignMiami : Perrier-Jouët x Simon Heijdens

 Perrier-Jouët x Simon Heijdens   ;image

Design Design Miami 2012

Design Miami 2012: Style,Substance & Innovation

Design Miami 2012 was a happy confluence of outstanding design galleries, glorious collaborations, rousing conversations and amazing, highly collectible pieces.

As the latest press release states:

“The eighth edition of Design Miami saw record attendance and robust sales throughout its six-day run in Miami, Florida from December 4-9, 2012. Thirty-six of the world’s leading galleries presented contemporary and historic design, which sold well among the 31,000 design collectors and enthusiasts who attended the fair.”

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Design Miami 2012

Design Miami 2012 Must See List

Here is my Design Miami 2012 Must See List ! 

  • Perrier-Jouët & Glithero – Drawing inspiration from the Maison Belle Epoque, the historic Perrier-Jouët house in Epernay France which houses original works by some of the greatest Art Nouveau masters, Glithero has designed an installation that celebrates this great house’s Art Nouveau heritage.
  • Design Talks: Design Pioneers The phenomenal Design Talks Program this year includes some of the design world’s key leadersDiane von Furstenberg, Pharell Williams, Vito Acconci, Wendell Castle and Asif Khan.
  • R18 Ultra Chair – Developed by Audi’s Lightweight Design Center and by Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram, the R18 Ultra Chair will be shown with its inspiration  the Le Mans 2011 winning Audi R18 TDI.
  • Design Galleries: Didier LTD – My love for and appreciation of jewelry knows no bounds, so I am very excited that Didier LTD London will be exhibiting unique and fabulous pieces from the 1940’s-1980’s by such masters as Louise Nevelson, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Roy Lichtenstein.
  • Design Galleries: MarkMcDonald – I have Eames itch that I will be scratching viewing the Eames pieces exhibited here.
  • Design Performances: Transformations by Maarten de Ceulaer presented by Fendi –  Drawing from the Fendi’s archives, Belgian designer Maarten de Ceulaer uses the fabled house’s Pequin motif to create handmade leather planks that can be made into spectacular compositions.
  • Design Satellites – Design Miami’s unique exhibitions with cutting edge contemporary designers, businesses and design institutions.