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Miami Design District 2012 Exhibition Tour Highlights

This year the Miami Design District hosted a week of satellite events in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami.  The Miami Design District 2012 Exhibition brought together the worlds of  art, culture, design and fashion. I was very fortunate to be invited to take tour of the District during the week long fair festivities.

Thanks to our fabulous hosts from Camron, Judith and Marisa, for guiding us through the art+culture+design+fashion+luxury fair highlights of this ever-evolving sophisticated, uber-luxe neighborhood.

Pics follow after the jump…

Our tour started in the fabulous Dacra Building that houses the very impressive Craig Robins Collection of contemporary art and design which includes this amazing found objects chandelier in the lobby.


One of our first stops was at the fabulous Louis Vuitton where they are debuting their new limited edition travel line, Objets Nomades.  These unique pieces made out of the finest materials are truly gorgeous.


Included in our tour was the thought-provoking and superbly talented architect and designer Luis Pons’  creation Inflated Villaa follow-up to his 2005 Floating Villa.  Deliberately situated in a vacant lot that channels the real estate projects lost when the economic bubble burst, the Inflated Villa is a fragile structure cosseted by re-bars reminding us that aggressive development cannot go unchecked.


A  fascinating stop was made at the Mestizo City  installation created by renowned architect Henry R Muñoz III, which incorporated inflatables and other well known objects  representing  the vibrant and varied Latino culture and their growing influence in the United States. Along with a fierce DJ spinning cool music, this was the perfect place for Design Miami attendees to gather and share ideas.


Although we could not take photos inside, trust me when I say the new Miami Design District Prada is Prada heaven-on-earth ! Their selection is glorious and the staff is pretty darn near divine. You need to go there yesterday ! The following pics were provided courtesy of their press release.


The Luminaire Lab is very far removed from your traditional design showroom. Gorgeous goods displayed in fabulous exhibitions that welcome the visitor to think about innovative design in a welcoming space – a must see and a must shop !


Our final stop was a favorite for many Design Miami attendees, Architecture for Dogs presented by Kenya Hara.  Twelve leading architects and designers each assigned a different dog breed provided structures designed to make the dogs and their people happy. After seeing this, we were very happy humans indeed !


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