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Take A Look: 4-3-16

Every week, I come across sites, stories and updates that catch my eye online and usually I just re-tweet, share or repost the link on whatever platform I’m on at the time.

While that’s not bad, I think it’s time to keep better track of them by doing post updates here too!

Take A Look

Events Jewelry Paris

Paris: Chaumet presents “Promenade Bucolique”

If you are in Paris, take a tour of Chaumet’s legacy of bucolic beauty with Promenade Bucolique, an “ephemeral” museum showcasing a treasure trove of inspiration that bridges past, present and future.

Promenade Bucolique
Le Musée Ephémère, Chaumet Boutique
12 place Vendôme – Paris 1st
From September 14th 2015 to January 30th 2016.

Automobile Coolness

NYTimes Ferrari California T Review

This NYTimes Ferrari California T Review points out the pluses of having a Ferrari as your everyday car.

Design Luxury

Visionnaire Home Philosophy – Nature Jewel Box Collection by Steve Leung

The Visionnaire – Nature Jewel Box capsule collection by Steve Leung is full of gorgeous pieces juxtaposing classic materials with innovative designs.

Especially loving the round table, divans and the light bronze couches and side chairs!


Hublot Ambassador – Usain Bolt

This week the world’s fastest man and winner of 3 gold medals of the recent IAAF World Championships last week in Beijing, Usain Bolt, visited the London Hublot Boutique on New Bond Street.










As Hublot says:

Bolt is first, unique, different. Like Hublot! This is why we are so proud that he is a Hublot Ambassador. He is the most decorated athlete in the history of the IAAF World Championships, the first man in history to win both the 100m and 200m races, as well as the 4x100m with his team, during various major international competitions.

Usain Bolt has been a Hublot ambassador since 2010 and his watch, the King Power Usain Bolt, was launched in 2012.


Design Horlogerie Watches

Horlogerie Love: Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie

Last month the 25th edition of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie took place in Geneva (SIHH 2015) featuring sixteen of the finest luxury Watch Maisons in the world. As I was raised in a house with a father that believed that a well-dressed gentleman should always have a great watch, or two, or three, it is no wonder why I have a fascination with complications!

As their press release states:

SIHH 2015 was indeed a showcase for the unique expertise of these sixteen Fine Watch Maisons; it also paid tribute to their unfailing support of an event which has established itself as an international reference within the profession, as once again demonstrated by the collections on display. After the exuberance witnessed in previous years, watchmakers have returned to more classical but nonetheless masterful interpretations of time. Skeletonised movements rival with astronomical indications and calendars; the métiers d’art lend their beauty; grandes complications capture the quintessence of time measurement.”

Looking at Monocle Magazine’s Top Ten Watches of SIHH 2015, I was not surprised to see familiar names like Cartier, Audermars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre but was pleasantly surprised to see Ralph Lauren in the mix.

I don’t wanted to “put time in a bottle”, I just want to wear on my wrist!


On my reading list tonight: @whitewall_mag

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