Design Miami 2012 Miami Design District 2012

Miami Design District 2012 Exhibition Tour Highlights

This year the Miami Design District hosted a week of satellite events in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami.  The Miami Design District 2012 Exhibition brought together the worlds of  art, culture, design and fashion. I was very fortunate to be invited to take tour of the District during the week long fair festivities.

Thanks to our fabulous hosts from Camron, Judith and Marisa, for guiding us through the art+culture+design+fashion+luxury fair highlights of this ever-evolving sophisticated, uber-luxe neighborhood.

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Design Miami 2012 Miami Design District 2012


During this year’s Design Miami Week,  I had the opportunity to see the fabulous ORCHID The Show located in the  Luis Pons‘ designed Pleasure Garden site in the Miami Design District.   ORCHID is a combination Cirque du Soleil, Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas and Burlesque extravaganza  complete with  phenomenal acts and showstopping numbers.

The Pleasure Garden also includes a sensational food and beverage program by the James Beard award winning chef, Michelle Bernstein.  I must say that they made me the best cosmopolitan I have had in South Florida !

ORCHID is a limited run engagement, so see it before it ends on January 6th !

Design Design Miami 2012 Miami Design District 2012

Bisazza Foundation x Arik Levy Design Miami Breakfast

Last Thursday, I was up early to attend the Bisazza press breakfast for Arik Levy‘s  presentation of his permanent commission for the Bisazza Foundation, “Experimental Growth”, including  it’s  interactive video installation, “Virtual Truth”,  at their flagship store in Miami’s Design District.

Marie Cristina Didero, Director of the Foundation, was there to introduce this incredible multi-disciplinary artist and to announce the Foundation’s activities for 2013. As she states:

“We are delighted to be part of Design Miami this year by bringing, with the Virtual Truth video, an abstract of the Experimental Growth design installation created by Arik Levy for the Bisazza Foundation in Vicenza, Italy. Experimental Growth is our first project dedicated to contemporary design, entirely produced by the Bisazza Foundation. Arik Levy has conceived an imposing and impressive installation for us, a work of great scope that will enhance the foundation’s Permanent Collection.”

“Experimental Growth” consists of the significantly-sized RockChamber, which is covered in black mosaic tiles designed to look like a meteorite that has crashed to earth. Once inside the visitor has no visual cues to refer to thus separating them from any formal relationship with architecture. “Virtual Truth” invites the visitor to take a step further by interacting with moving images, changing their perception about space.

Also among the invitees was Lorrenda Newman Sherrer, the amazing Publisher of Modern Magazine along with her equally amazing Editor-in-Chief, Beth Dunlop and the fantastic Jenny Palmer of the innovative, next-level Alarm Press.

A great event to start my Design Miami Day !

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Miami Design District 2012

The #Coolness: Miami Design District 2012 Fair Week

Along with Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami 2012, the Miami Design District will be hosting a series of exhibits, pop-ups, performances and events that will bring together the worlds of design, art, performance art and fashion Dec 4-9.

See more details about this once-in-a-lifetime exciting week of events courtesy of the wonderful  Judith Fereday at Cameron PR after the jump.