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5 Things I Learned from New York Fashion Week FW16

New York Fashion Week FW16 had extra-cold New York winter weather but that was not enough to keep the fashion and celebrity hordes from attending the shows.

Here’s what I learned from the first week of of Fashion Month

  1. The Marc Jacobs FW16 Runway Show ruled them all!

This is the one show that all the fashion cognoscenti agreed was outstanding and it makes perfect sense that Lady Gaga would be his special guest on the runway.

2. The Coach FW16 Collection by Stuart Vevers offered the coolest interpretation of the varsity jacket seen in a long time! 

Varsity flair rules Coach’s truly American collection. Visit to go behind the scenes.

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All the cool “It” girls will want one.

3. Wide-Legged Pants work! 

DKNY FW16✨⭐️ @dkny #DKNY #dknyfw16 #vsco #vscofashion #runway #vscotrend #fashion #models #fw16 #runwayfw16

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They are comfy, cool and versatile.

4. Yezzy Season 3 

#YeezySeason3 has arrived. Find the livestream on #NYFW

A photo posted by Vogue Runway (@voguerunway) on

Love it or hate it, everyone talked about it and that is what a collection needs in today’s market.

5. The official NYFW site, app and social media channels set the standard for Fashion Month FW16!

If you missed anything from NYFW FW16, that was your fault! The Official NYFW site offered comprehensive info on schedules, designers, backstage and street style videos, events and more while their Instagram provided constant updates. They did the darn thing complete with mike drop!


Make sure to watch out for my 4 Things I Learned From Milan AW16 coming up soon!

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6 Things I Learned from London Fashion Week AW16

London Fashion Week AW16 was packed with shows, presentations and events showcasing the best of British Fashion.

Here’s what I learned from this spectacular season:

  1. London shows start on time!!!
Burberry AW16, FOH (Dan Sims, British Fashion Council)
Burberry AW16, FOH (Dan Sims, British Fashion Council)

Unlike their cousins from across the pond, where shows have a theoretical start time, London shows start on time or as close to on time as possible.

I made a mistake in thinking that the Burberry AW16 live stream would probably start late…I was wrong and missed most of the show. Thank goodness for rebroadcasts!

2. Presentations are cool too! 

At a fashion show, most of the time, the models move quickly down the runway, barely allowing you to take a pic or a vid clip with your iPhone.

At a presentation, the viewer has the chance to see the designer’s works up close and see the artistry involved without having to worry that their three second time limit is over.

3. London AW16 designers are fun!

Ashish AW16, Backstage (Eeva Rinne, British Fashion Council)
Ashish AW16, Backstage (Eeva Rinne, British Fashion Council)


There are times that fashion can take itself too seriously and over-meta think everything. This creates a simmering pot of snarkiness that seems to infect critics, commentators and viewers alike.

Fashion is meant to be enjoyed, so amen for designers like Ashish for making me want to get a groovy grape-colored Afro wig and gorgeous sequined pjs to match!

4. Some Looks are really for Spring/Summer


I live in South Florida, so sheer, transparent, floaty pieces are no problem for me to wear cause it’s usually 88+ degrees in December.

However, I suspect that for those women who live in colder climates, they won’t be wearing these looks for the Fall/Winter season…unless, they come to South Florida.

5. Less is more! 

London Fashion Week AW16 / BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL / BFC / 1205 AW16
London Fashion Week AW16 / BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL / BFC / 1205 AW16

A simple, well-crafted garment is a thing of beauty that is a welcome addition to anyone’s wardrobe!

6. I need a Paul Smith Suit!

Paul Smith / London Fashion Week AW16 / BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL / BFC / AW16
Paul Smith / London Fashion Week AW16 / BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL / BFC / AW16

I am convinced that once I have a suit, like the one above from the Paul Smith AW16 Collection, I will be able to rule the world!

Who would challenge me when I would be so freshly attired?

Fashion LFW LFW AW16 London Fashion Week

LFW AW16: Ashish

The Ashish AW16 Collection slapped the somber, dreariness that has infected the runways of both sides of the pond this season and brought in fun, fabulous vibrant colorful concoctions that screamed life is to be lived!

I can absolutely see myself wearing the blue pajama ensemble including the heels and the wig, although I may have to trim the wig in order to fit in the car I’m driving.

Fashion LFW LFW AW16 London Fashion Week

LFW AW16: Anya Hindmarch

The Anya Hindmarch AW16 Collection shows that there is nothing wrong in adding humorous elements to your wardrobe like a coat with the ghosts from Pac-Man on it or wearing a hat that has cute teddy bear ears on top.

The Tetris-tile accented handbags are on my #wishlist for sure!

Fashion LFW AW16 London Fashion Week

LFW AW16: Vivienne Westwood

The insouciant sexiness of the Vivienne Westwood AW16 Collection makes me want everything!

Loose louche layers of separates, some with gorgeous tailored trousers peaking out will not only keep you warm, they will also ensure you maintain a stylish front when facing cooler weather.

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NYFW FW16 Schedule



Lots of familiar names on the schedule but several new additions. Let’s hope the fashion critics curb some of their withering reportage and snarkisms cause even at a show that is not the best, there is always some element that is good!

Actually, given the interesting weather lately, it will be interesting to see how the fashionable people survive the NYFW FW16 season. Will they throw common sense literally to the wind, daring to catch pneumonia or worse wearing questionable garments and cruel shoes? I think not, but we shall see…


Art Art Basel Miami Beach Design Events

Art Basel Miami Beach 2015 Week Guide

This week the contemporary and modern art and design worlds turn their focus on to Miami Beach, Miami and its surrounding areas in South Florida and yours truly, Mone Knows, will be out and about taking a look at at the main shows as well as the myriad of events, happenings, parties and openings!

Plus, I will be taking pics of all the glorious street-style fashion to post on my Instagram, so say “Hi” if you see me!

Here’s my #mustsee guide:

Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

DESIGN MIAMI/ (Dec 2 – 6)
Meridian Avenue & 19th Street
Adjacent to the Miami Beach Convention Center
Miami Beach, USA

Deauville Beach Resort
6701 Collins Avenue
Miami, FL 33141, USA


SCOPE Miami Beach (Dec 1-6)
801 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, Florida

UNTITLED, Miami Beach (Dec 2-6)
Ocean Drive and 12th Street
South Beach, Miami

PULSE Miami Beach (Dec 1-5)
Indian Beach Park
4601 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140

SUPERFINE! House of Art & Design (Dec 2-6)
8300 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33138

Make sure to follow me here on my blog and on all my social media channels for updates during this most exciting art/design week of the year!

Snapchat: moneknows
Periscope: @Mone_Knows

*All photos except those courtesy of Art Basel, Untitled and Superfine! by MoneKnows