Jonah Freeman + Justin Lowe Performance – The Miami Beach EDITION

One of the highlights of Art Basel Miami Beach happened this past Thursday, December 4th,  when Marlborough Chelsea presented Shadow Pool: A Natural History of the San San International, a performance by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe featuring Black Bananas, at The Miami Beach EDITION

Guests included Ryan McGinley, Bill Powers, Waris Ahluwalia, Marilyn Minter, Jordan Wolfson, Devin Troy Strother, Leo Fizpatrick, Will Cotton, Glenn O’Brien, Nick Jonas, Daniel Heidkamp, Jules de Balincourt, Lucy Chadwick, Tripoli Patterson, Carter Cleveland, Alban de Pury, Sebastian Errazuruiz, David Zwirner, Laurence Chandler, Anne Huntington, Nathalie Karg, Pierre Levai, Capucine Milliot, Shamim Momin, Darren Romanelli.

Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe create immersive environmental installations that play on ideas of drug culture, psychedelia, architecture and film. Shadow Pool employs a mix of theatrical genres ranging from the slide lecture, the fashion show, the sculptural display, and the live musical act as a means to illustrate the fictional parallel world of the San San International, a “hallucinatory mega-convention of staggering proportions”. Conceived in 2008, this multisensory extravaganza has traveled to sites ranging from MOCA Los Angeles to Ballroom Marfa.

Freeman and Lowe’s exhibition Floating Chain (High-Res Toni) is currently on view at Marlborough Chelsea through December 20th, 2014.