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The #Coolness–ConciergeQ




Sun Valley, Idaho

What they do

ConciergeQ Magazine highlights locals as “celebrity travel experts” of their hometowns, including Bill Cosby for Philadelphia, Jamie Lee Cutis for Sun Valley, Idaho, Apolo Ohno for Seattle, and countless 5 star hotel general managers and concierges around the globe. URHereTravel (launched in March 2012) focuses on festival and event coverage, and has to date produced URHere video coverage of the Sun Valley Film Festival, the Sun Valley Center for the Arts Wine Auction, the Sun Valley Harvest Festival, and Solstice in Times Square: Athleta Mind Over Madness Yoga. ConciergeQ will also be premiering its first travel series, “Blueprint with Chantal Westerman,” highlighting architects and their work in fantastic travel destinations, shortly!

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Helping Your Clients Find the Right Social Media Match


“Every broom has a stick…” is what my Mom would say whenever I showed her something that was not an obvious match, be it a couple or an outfit.  As I have gotten older and more reflective, I now realize this saying also says something about the observer – regardless of any pre-conceived, subjective opinions you have, there are things that make a good match even though that doesn’t make any sense to you.

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The Journey Continues

I could start this off any number of ways, “Once upon a time…”, “All good things…”, “When I was…” but really I am just utterly grateful and thankful to be able to write these words and post them as the first entry on my own blog. It is profoundly moving to see what I have dreamed about for years come into existence. So to that end, this first post is dedicated to saying “Thank You”. Continue reading “The Journey Continues”