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“Every broom has a stick…” is what my Mom would say whenever I showed her something that was not an obvious match, be it a couple or an outfit.  As I have gotten older and more reflective, I now realize this saying also says something about the observer – regardless of any pre-conceived, subjective opinions you have, there are things that make a good match even though that doesn’t make any sense to you.

Life, love and the pursuit of happiness

The Journey Continues

I could start this off any number of ways, “Once upon a time…”, “All good things…”, “When I was…” but really I am just utterly grateful and thankful to be able to write these words and post them as the first entry on my own blog. It is profoundly moving to see what I have dreamed about for years come into existence. So to that end, this first post is dedicated to saying “Thank You”.