Where Have I Been – January 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTubeTumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and/or Snapchat (MoneKnows), you know that I’ve been out and about doing and seeing great things since this past December. So, now it’s to start posting about everything here!

I’ll be updating about the rest of my Art BaselDesign MiamiMiami Art Week adventures as well as my Favorite Sites for January and upcoming events and openings that have caught my eye.  I will also be taking a look at my favorite shows from the Menswear fashion shows

I’ve also decided to include some of my art projects on this site as well as it makes sense to share that part of my life here where everybody knows my name 🙂

Plus, I am working on something super-super-super special that I have been dying to do for quite some time but have not gotten around to trying until recently: podcasting!

So, keep an eye out for updates!

MoneKnows Snapchat

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It took a minute, but I am finally on Snapchat!  I figure if the NY Times can be on Snapchat, I can be on there too.

Ok, I have to admit that the NY Times Snapchat is pretty darn good, so it may take another minute for me to catch-up on my Snapchat skills.

That being said, my favorite Snappers so far are:
FunForLouis – It figures this YouTube travel vlogger extraordinaire does excellent Snaps too.
Mr.BenBrown-Another YouTubeTravel vlogger with cool snaps.
CaseyNeistat – His YouTube vlogs and Snapchat snaps are a constant reminder to me to up my game.
ChopardOfficial – Cause all their jewelry is gorgeous.
DianeandCo-These Jersey Couture Ladies know their formalwear.
HannahBGood-Reminds me working on being healthy requires dedication.
ItsMyRayeRaye – Cause she is so damn cool.
KatVonDBeauty – Cause I want all those lipsticks.
Kye-Cause she made the most gorgeous prom gown to silence all the haters.
Lacma_museum-Cause they are a museum that understands a little humor is cool.
MallyBeauty – Cause that lady handles her beauty kingdom with flair.
NPR and NPR News – Cause I need to know what’s going on in the world.
Snaptunde-Cause I followed Baratunde Thurston before he became Supervising Producer of Digital Media for the Daily Show.
StyleCartel-Cause she is the brains and heart behind one of the coolest fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty and entertainment sites,
Tamu McPherson-Cause she is one of the coolest fashion bloggers ever.