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It took a minute, but I am finally on Snapchat!  I figure if the NY Times can be on Snapchat, I can be on there too.

Ok, I have to admit that the NY Times Snapchat is pretty darn good, so it may take another minute for me to catch-up on my Snapchat skills.

That being said, my favorite Snappers so far are:
FunForLouis – It figures this YouTube travel vlogger extraordinaire does excellent Snaps too.
Mr.BenBrown-Another YouTubeTravel vlogger with cool snaps.
CaseyNeistat – His YouTube vlogs and Snapchat snaps are a constant reminder to me to up my game.
ChopardOfficial – Cause all their jewelry is gorgeous.
DianeandCo-These Jersey Couture Ladies know their formalwear.
HannahBGood-Reminds me working on being healthy requires dedication.
ItsMyRayeRaye – Cause she is so damn cool.
KatVonDBeauty – Cause I want all those lipsticks.
Kye-Cause she made the most gorgeous prom gown to silence all the haters.
Lacma_museum-Cause they are a museum that understands a little humor is cool.
MallyBeauty – Cause that lady handles her beauty kingdom with flair.
NPR and NPR News – Cause I need to know what’s going on in the world.
Snaptunde-Cause I followed Baratunde Thurston before he became Supervising Producer of Digital Media for the Daily Show.
StyleCartel-Cause she is the brains and heart behind one of the coolest fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty and entertainment sites,
Tamu McPherson-Cause she is one of the coolest fashion bloggers ever.