Rewind: Art Basel Miami Beach & Design Miami/ 2017

It’s been a tumultuous year in the design and art world.  From superstar architect Richard Meier’s sexual harassment scandal to Banksy’s pranking of Sotheby’s, to the David Hockney painting’s record breaking 90.3 Million sale at Christie’s , the keyword for 2018 has been upheaval. 

As Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami/  approaches, I’m taking a quick look back at last December’s editions. While scheduling for this year’s editions has started being announced, it will be interesting to see what changes, if any, will be in store for attendees. 

Coverage of this best known art fair in North America & its many outgrowth fairs can be frenetically schizophrenic, with focus jumping from the mega galleries pop-ups with their superstar artists offerings, exclusive invite-only performances/installations/events and the paparazzi-laden celebrities manically jumping from event to event around town. 

Yet, something new was added to the mix: a change of tone. The 2017 editions were much less frenzied, much less madcap, and definitely more sober. As one Miami Beach museum docent told me as we chatted about the week’s events   “…it’s not fun this year”.  

Regardless of the fun level drop, there was a ton of great art,  more than a few great talks, a plethora of great events and a scintillating set of parties that were had. 

 Design Miami/

My journey always starts here because while art is my heart, design is my soul and Design Miami/ has been bringing the best of the best in collectible design for more than ten years.

Art Basel Miami Beach 

A huge renovation, still in progress at the time of show, brought for welcome changes like a massively improved floor plan and vastly improved show design. Gone was the feeling of being smushed between the gallerists, collectors, art-loving throngs and the art as in previous years.

I am so looking forward to what’s upcoming. To be sure, there will be those who will offer the same old, tired and lazy critiques pontificating about how art fair season in Miami is too much about the parties and celebrities than the art itself.  My soon to be so-tired-I-had-to-soak-them feet will disagree, as I walk for hours looking at the best of contemporary art from across the globe.



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