Upcoming Event: Maison & Objet Paris 2017

Maison & Objet Paris 2017 ( January 20th-24th) will be a design industry wonderland featuring exhibitors from around the globe!

“Looking to broaden its professional audience while continuing to meet exhibitors’ expectations for networking and business development opportunities, MAISON&OBJET PARIS is once again upgrading the trade fair experience by bringing innovative concepts and practical solutions to the upcoming January show.Industry professionals will find a rich and inspiring visitor experience and exhibitors will enjoy the updated layout, which will allow them to reach new markets.”

This biannual industry-only trade show, known for its vast size, is grouped into three major sectors: 

Maison – Furniture, Accent Pieces, Fabrics, Lighting, and all things interior decoration,

Objet – Smart Gadgets, Kitchen Utensils, Fragrances, Fashion Accessories, &

Luxury/Design/Interior Architecture –  featuring Creative Innovations and Technical Solutions.

The theme for the January 2017 show is SILENCE and given the ups and many downs of the world lately, this theme is more than timely! 

As Elizabeth Leriche,  Scenographer for the Inspirations Space explains: 

“…In a society where the impact of images and connections is increasingly overwhelming,there is an indisputable need for a break from all of

Would love to attend to blog/vlog about all the design trends and developments from extraordinary companies like Wonderglass , so  hoping the ‘Travel Fairy Godmother/Godfather/GodParents’  will grant me travel/accommodations sponsorship soon!!!