Ludovic Sallé : Artist Extraordinaire

TART by Kevin Joseph and Ludovic Sallé

Ludovic Sallé : Artist Extraordinaire

I first came across Ludovic Sallé’s glorious artwork reading TART, the story of a time-traveling demon hunter. In an instance of pure serendipity, I was able to meet TART’s fabulous writer, Kevin Joseph, who in turn graciously introduced me to the Paris-based Sallé.

As this is London Fashion Week, I thought it would be great to have a conversation with him in regards to the importance fashion plays in his work.

Ludovic Sallé - Gloom
Ludovic Sallé – Gloom














TART is about a young woman who travels through time, how important is it that your artwork reflect each time period ?

Actually, since I created the character of Hell Strawberry and the universe of the Toxic Fruit, it was the goal that the characters travel around the world and through time to design new outfits, new styles, new ambiances in each adventure.

In France we used to have this habit of characters who have always the same costume in comic book. I really wanted to design an heroine with a lot of dresses and the sense of Fashion. It’s weird because France it’s a country of comic-books, and a country of Fashion, but it’s two worlds who never work together. I hope Hell Strawberry and Tart will can change that.

Ludovic Sallé - Mission Candy Noir
Ludovic Sallé – Mission Candy Noir











Looking at your work for TART/HELL STRAWBERRY I see a definite references from fashion illustrators of the past – which artists influenced your style ?

I have a lot of influences, not especially from fashion illustrators, but I’m really influenced by Art Nouveau, with artists like Alphonse Mucha and Klimt.

In the fashion world I like the costumes from the past, queens dresses, Elizabethan, Victorian, etc…but also the 20th century, from the 1900’s to 1970’s … I like some works of Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Vivienne Westwwood, and Chanel.

All is from the past – from the traditional costumes, from Russia to Africa, we can find inspiration everywhere on Earth. The goal is to imagine new design from this.

Ludovic Sallé - Hell Strawberry
Ludovic Sallé – Hell Strawberry














What styles do you think are really cool right now ?

What I like, for my characters, is short dress, 1960’s style, with florals print. I also like the 1920’s fashion with Chinese pattern influences.

For me the character outfit is not just a fashion accessory, it’s her armor.Even if it’s a floral dress, it has to be impressive and unforgettable. They are Knights in High Heels!

Reading List : TART by Kevin Joseph and Ludovic Sallé

TART by Kevin Joseph and Ludovic Sallé

Reading List : TART by Kevin Joseph and Ludovic Sallé

During this AW14 Fashion Week month what better to read than a tale about a very fashionable young woman fighting evil demons through time and space ?

TART Vol.1 written by the talented Kevin Joseph with fabulous art by Ludovic Sallé provides a welcome intercession between show times.

Get the webcomic at COMIXOLOGY here, were you can read the first issue for only 99 cents!

You can also purchase Vol.1 from PPF Comics or send a request to

*Please note that TART has mature themes and is not appropriate for young children