Design Miami 2013

#DesignMiami: Louisa Guinness Gallery

#DesignMiami: Louisa Guinness Gallery 

Louisa Guinness Gallery, London will be in Miami for the first time at Design Miami 2013 , with a dazzling selection of jewelry made by top contemporary artists.  The gallery, based at Booth G21, will show work by internationally renowned artists such as Frank Stella, Sophia Vari, Anish Kapoor, Mariko Mori and Claude Lalanne as well as debuting an exciting new project by Ross Lovegrove.

Louisa Guinness specializes in artist-made jewelry. She says:

“I’m delighted to be bringing my passion for artist-made jewelry to Miami. Collectors will be fascinated to see work by artists which can be worn as statement pieces or enjoyed as miniature sculptures at home.” She adds:  “We are the first gallery to deal exclusively in artist-made jewelry  We don’t work with jewelers  only artists whose primary medium is either painting or sculpture. Jewelry provides a new form of expression for artists, challenging them to adapt their artistic language to the demands of scale and function.”

For Design Miami she has commissioned artists to create new work made from non-precious materials. Guinness says: 

“We have invited artists to make jewelry using common-place rather than precious stones including marble, alabaster or even pebbles. We want the jewelry to be judged for its artistic merit and not its material content.”

This new collection will be shown alongside the gallery’s debut collaboration with Ross Lovegrove and recent projects with Mariko Mori and Conrad Shawcross. They will also be bringing a number of 20th century pieces by modern masters such as Alexander Calder and Fontana.

Louise Guinness Gallery’s  attendance at Design Miami 2013 promises to provide a fascinating focus for collectors and enthusiasts who will have the opportunity to see these pieces in Miami for the first time.

Image above: Sophia Vari/ Salmonée pendant/ black Belgian marble, Carrara marble, lapis lazuli  courtesy of Camron PR.



Simply put, BASELWORLD 2013,  from April 25th-May 2nd,  is the most important international watch and jewelry trade show in the world.  With over 100,000 global visitors coming to see over 1,800 exhibitors from more than 40 countries,  if you are interested in haute horology and luxury jewelry, then this is the event for you !

As they state on their site:

“…a visit to BASELWORLD is particularly worthwhile:

  • In Basel, you are visiting the world’s biggest and most important event for the watch and jewelry industry.
  • BASELWORLD offers you a unique overview of everything that the industry has to offer globally.
  • It is here that you can see the new collections, creations and innovations of the year: trends are set at BASELWORLD.
  • The world’s most renowned brands showcase their collections exclusively at BASELWORLD and do not attend any other shows.
  • BASELWORLD offers you the rare opportunity to speak to the CEOs and owners of the brands in person.
  • Take part in the sector’s main networking event. All the key players from the watch and jewelry industries meet up just once a year…

2013 brings an updated exhibition site and more renowned brands.   After the jump, check out  these videos and more pics from BASELWORLD 2012 !