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  • playlist: HARM WÜLF’s new album HIJRAH

    playlist: HARM WÜLF’s new album HIJRAH

    I am not fond of the latest music categories; they confuse me with their multi-hyphenated, trying-to-sound-cool-using-obscure-words titles. As a result, I have learned to ignore them cause I would hate to miss out on hearing amazing new music like HARM WÜLF’s  (G. Hirsch of Blacklisted) sophomore release HIJRAH from Deathwish Inc. because I felt “meh” about the category label. This […]

  • Listen to the highly anticipated new album from Pittsburgh, PA’s CODE ORANGE now on Consequence of Sound.  Titled  I Am King, this full-length album will be available on September 2nd and is available for pre-order now via Deathwish E-Store and iTunes.   No Boxes.  No Boundaries.  No Fear.  I Am King.    I AM KING  1. I Am King  2. Slowburn  3. Dreams in […]