Sept 26th: TEDxMet

Sept 26th: TEDxMet

On Sept 26th, 2015 from 9:30am – 5:00pm (ET), the TEDxMet – The In-Between event will take place at The Met Breuer, the landmark building designed by Marcel Breuer on Madison Avenue at 75th Street in New York and former home of the Whitney Museum.

As the latest press release states:

“A broad range of stories will be told, in a variety of formats. Among the presenters are: a former death row prisoner recently exonerated after serving 39 years in prison; a 14-year-old musical prodigy; a transgender author and activist; a leader in diabetes patient care, research, and education; a New York City Ballet Principal Dancer; a community developer confronting issues of the environment, affordable housing, and education; a composer and a poet, both recent Pulitzer Prize winners; the author of a seminal article on growing up bi-racial; a performance group investigating contemporary issues theatrically; an art educator who galvanizes both traditional and non-traditional art-going audiences; visual artists and designers who examine the creative process; and curators with specialties at the two extremes of the art-historical timeline—the ancient world and today.”

For live updates during TEDxMet, follow @metmuseum on Twitter and Instagram. Those attending the event or following along online can use #TEDxMet and tag @metmuseum to be part of the conversation.

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