Miami Design District Site-Specific Performance Series

Miami Design District SiteSpecific Performance Series
co-hosted by the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), this Saturday, April 18th. 

A great evening of delightful interludes as you can see from the event details that follow…

Underwater Prologue

We investigate imaginative relationships with the sea.  A continuing exploration of underwater worlds and conspiracy theories referenced in literature, we use video projection, object manipulation, and performative sculpture.  This is a collaboration between artists Liz Ferrer, Jen Clay, Kalan Sherrard and Poncili Creation and a preface to our Underwater Opera at Miami Light Project premiering May 7-17.

Time: 8PM

Location: 4040 NE 2nd Avenue, ICA’s Atrium Gallery


Rebecca is a study of objects and disguise as a source of movement exploration and narrative created by choreographer and dancer, Ana Mendez. Rebecca is a character name drawing from popular style names for wigs and serves as a caricature for the self-imposed veils that we use to separate ourselves from one another. Directed in collaboration with Liony Garcia. Music by Richard Vergez. Light Design by Terrence Brun.

Time: 8:30PM

Location: 175 NE 40th Street, 2nd floor *Private entrance at back of the building

The French Horn Collective

The French Horn Collective is an energetic and progressive band that performs an eclectic variety of Gypsy Jazz, Swing, and modern original French music throughout South Florida. Led by Parisian Musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and songwriter Vincent Raffard, the diverse group consists of any number from 3 to 8 highly talented musicians from myriad of musical backgrounds, with instrumentation including Trumpet, Guitar, Violin, Double Bass, Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone, Cello, Drums, and Vocals.

Time: 9PM

Location: 191 NE 40th Street