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Helping Your Clients Find the Right Social Media Match


“Every broom has a stick…” is what my Mom would say whenever I showed her something that was not an obvious match, be it a couple or an outfit.  As I have gotten older and more reflective, I now realize this saying also says something about the observer – regardless of any pre-conceived, subjective opinions you have, there are things that make a good match even though that doesn’t make any sense to you.

The same is true in social media. Whether you are dealing with a corporate giant or an individual, there is a social media match for them. The trick for any social media marketing consultant is to help the client find their “stick” while helping them overcome their preconceptions of what different social media channels can and cannot do.

I find that my social media channel match includes:

  • Twitter for day to day updates
  • Facebook for things that exceed 140 characters
  •  LinkedIn for my hardcore business interests and
  • Pinterest for all the visual coolness.

Keep in mind that as social media channels evolve and change so will the social media channels that are a match for a client change.

It may not always be easy to see a good social media match for a client, but if you open your mind a little, you will.

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