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Florida District 20 Delegate Candidate

This presidential election cycle I have determined that there is no bystander watching for me – too much is happening, too much is going on, and too much can no longer be condoned. To change things means involvement and that is why I have decided to run to be a Florida District 20 Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

For 2020, the Florida delegates election process is taking place online.  All registered Democrats are eligible to vote in their Congressional District’s delegate elections by requesting an electronic ballot, which you can request by clicking the box below.

The list of candidates who will appear on the ballot can be found at

Once you’ve requested an electronic ballot, you’ll receive an email confirming your request. Party leaders and delegate candidates may share this request link to encourage Democratic participation in the elections. Requesting your electronic ballot before 5pm ET on May 13 will enable voters to easily access their online ballot during the voting period.

Voting will open on Thursday, May 14 at 2pm ET and close on Saturday, May 16 at 2pm ET.

Voters who have requested an electronic ballot by May 13 will receive an email when voting opens, with a link and unique code to access their online ballot. This unique code ensures each person only casts one vote, and that each vote is cast in the proper Congressional district. Each code will expire after use or at 2pm ET on May 16, with no exceptions.

Voters who do not request their ballot by May 13 will still be able to request a ballot during the voting period May 14-May 16. These ballots will be provisional and will be verified after the election, before ballots are tabulated. Voters requesting provisional ballots will enter their information on the ballot request form and receive a unique code and link to cast their provisional vote.

Please review the FAQ available at You can call our elections team at (954) 893-2355 for additional questions.

So vote Simone Todd if you are a Florida Democrat registered voter in District 20!