LFW AW16: House of Holland

Taking inspiration from the recent Tate Modern exhibition of the works of great abstract artist Sonia Delaunay and combining that with elements from 20’s flappers and 70’s sleek sirens, Henry Holland’s House of Holland AW16 Collection was needed break from the monotony of minimalism.

NYFW FW16 Schedule



Lots of familiar names on the schedule but several new additions. Let’s hope the fashion critics curb some of their withering reportage and snarkisms cause even at a show that is not the best, there is always some element that is good!

Actually, given the interesting weather lately, it will be interesting to see how the fashionable people survive the NYFW FW16 season. Will they throw common sense literally to the wind, daring to catch pneumonia or worse wearing questionable garments and cruel shoes? I think not, but we shall see…